Contribute to Dope Nation ZA

Contribute to Dope Nation ZA

The culture of hip-hop is an expansive one and we cannot possibly document all the goings on of the culture. That’s where you, the Dope Nation ZA peeps, come in like the heroes you are. Dope Nation ZA is constantly on the lookout for dope content like:

You can submit interviews done with people relevant to the culture of hip-hop in southern Africa and across the globe. This can include artists, producers, managers, designers, dancers, models – basically any and everyone who may be involved with the culture in some way or the other.

You can write and submit your work for one of our weekly features (Ranked, Track for Track, Got Next) or if you have longer-form pieces you think would work on Dope Nation, we’d like to read them and publish them on the site. Keep in mind though, essays can be discursive or argumentative, but they have to (have to) be based on facts or at least plausible examples.

Heard a new song, album or mixtape that you have a strong opinion about and want to dissect? Maybe you went to a show and want to share your experience or perhaps you’re a speakerhead and want to tell everybody why that new app or new piece of hardware you’ve been using is supremely dope? We want to hear about it.

If you’re a visual artist focused on the culture, perhaps an illustrator or photographer, you can submit your work to be featured on Dope Nation ZA as a visual feature.

So if you want your words or visuals featured on Dope Nation ZA please shoot us an email with a pitch for the type of content you want to contribute as well as your contact details to this email address. If you’re the proactive type, you can put together any of the above-mentioned types of content on spec and send it to the same email address.

All these would obviously be inline with the Dope Nation ZA style.

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