Have you heard Stilo Magolide’s ‘A Minute’?

Have you heard Stilo Magolide’s ‘A Minute’?

For a while on this song, it seems as though romance might have actually won over rabid raunchiness on Stilo Magolide‘s A Minute.

“I ain’t seen you in a minute and it feels so unusual,” Jay Claude croons. But then the “genuine with the finesse when I’m ridin’ it” line happens and we’re brought back to the roughage.  The gulliness!

Stilo Magolide’s seemingly romantic sentiments, it turns out, are merely a prelude to reminiscence about his girl’s special ability when “going to the boneyard” (?).

But, the storytelling in this love story encompasses all the things a bad boy would miss about his lady: the intense love-making and being taken care of by.

A Minute is the 3rd single from his overly slept-on debut, Tropicana Jiiig. It’s a little different from abo Sefolosha, cause A Minute is for the bi… the ladies. But, at the same time, it resonates highly with his chicos.

Listen to A Minute below:

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