Visual artists respond to H&M’s racist ‘monkey’ ad

Visual artists respond to H&M’s racist ‘monkey’ ad

The other day the Internet collectively channelled all its anger and vitriol towards European retail giant, H&M.

This came after H&M put up an ad on their website which featured a black kid wearing a hoody with the words ‘Coolest monkey in the jungle’ emblazoned on it.


This wasn’t the first time the retailer was caught being racist. In 2015, soon after launching in South Africa, the brand came under fire for insinuating that white models portrayed a more ‘positive image’.

Following the latest incident, calls for a boycott of H&M reverberated around the net while celebrities like Puff Daddy, The Weekend and Cassper Nyovest have called out the Swedish company.

Apart from musicians, a number of visual artists have voiced their opinions through works inspired by the advert, with some replacing the word ‘monkey’ with more positive and affirmative words.

These are some of the coolest we’ve seen:

@dream_chaser_number_one /Instagram

H&M has since apologised for offending customers and stated that the ‘monkey’ advert had been taken down and that the hoodie would not be sold.

“This incident is accidental in nature, but this doesn’t mean we don’t take it extremely seriously or understand the upset and discomfort it has caused” H&M said in a statement.

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